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Q-C Women In Action

Board of Directors

QC Women in Action was established in 2012 and became an official nonprofit organization in 2014. When this group was founded three board of Directors were appointed.

Left to Right:

Tammy Vesey (Founder/President, Mentor 6 years)

Yvonne Collins (Vice President, Mentor 6 years)

Tyla Bolton (Secretary, Mentor 6 years)


Left to right:

1st Row:

Tiffany Norwood (Mentor for 5 years)

Tarisita Nimmers (Mentor for 4 years)

Mona Hardy (Mentor for 4 years)

2nd Row:

Tracy Howard (Mentor for 4 years)

Turkessa Newsone (Mentor 3 years)

Charlene Cole (Mentor 2 years)

3rd Row:

Rochelle (Shelly) DeShazer (Mentor 3 years)

Charlene Griffin (Mentor 2 years)

Jacqueline Edwards (Mentor 2 years)

Jr. QCWIA Leaders/Mentees:

Natalia Gabriel will be starting her 2nd year as a mentee however she showed 

great leadership skills and a positive attitude. She will serve as our 

Junior Mentor for this session.


Here are our Mentees for this session.

Left to Right:

Top Row: Daviona Hearn (2 years), Valerie Holland (2 years 

Jazmier Parks (2 years)

2nd Row: Alayah Edgerson (3 years), Arrie Gunter (3 years)